Sunday, March 24, 2013

Good, Beautiful Person

Am I a good person? Not a joke..not rhetorical...

I would like to believe that I can or am or am becoming a good person most days. Others I go for hours pondering upon all of the things that should make me into what I want, and then I remember all of the mistakes. I wonder if my triumphs make up for those? But then I wonder if it actually works like that, because I'm 94% sure that it doesn't.

I am not a complicated person, rather I am complex. I am made up of so many different emotions that each have their own level. My physical body is a large part of what makes me who I am. Each day I am awe struck at what I can do, and how I look. Whatever beauty is, it sure is subjective. I saw a grandma cuddling and cooing softly to a zonked out sleeping child in her arms yesterday morning, that was beautiful. The song Blessings can be listened to 100 times and still have so much beauty. How can so many completely different people, things, sounds, and even smells be classified as beautiful? Am I?

If I'm not, how can I change to be? And if I become beautiful on the inside, will that automatically make me a good person?

So often I find that mortals judge so quickly. Even when I profess to give my best shot at not judging unrighteously  I am probably one of the worst. I have the greatest desire ever to see people in terms of forever, not for who they are, but who they are to Him. Not for what they strive to become, but for what He is changing them in to. I feel that judging can turn ones heart ugly. Anger, and the lack of a forgiving nature are far worse than any physically unattractive characteristic.

In the beginning of the movie Rigoletto we first meet a two young girls. They are compared to one another in such a way that we as viewers are meant to see one as poor, yet beautiful. The other is portrayed as wealthy, physically attractive, snotty, and rude. The premise of the story is that a middle aged man with a face that has been badly scared from battle must find someone, whose heart is pure enough, to love him despite his face and mean countenance.Through out the hour and half movie there is a constant question of beauty. Physical and inner beauty are compared and contrasted. My favorite part is when you come to the realization that not only did the man need the girl to love him,but she also needed his guidance and support,and grace to break free from the chains of judgement that held her captive. She had been holding herself back because of the jealousy and harsh feelings toward the other girl. The ugly-hearted man, the prideful young girl, they set each other free. One from physical bondage, the other from spiritual.

 How much of a difference could each of us make in the world if we each individually made the decision to be open to love in every possible form? What if we choose not to allow the pain from others affect how we love them? Did you know that that is a choice? That no matter what another may do to you, you still have the opportunity to love them in spite of their flaws. Or how about this, choose to love them that much more because of their short comings.

What if every person was beautiful

What if all we needed to do is ask for the ability to have eyes like His to see the beauty and the good

What if we are all good

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