Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Adventures Anyone?

I love to drive. Most of this obsession with vehicles wears off after the initial 16 year old freak out. Not for me. I could hop in my little yellow Tinkerbell and drive for hours and be so content. I am beginning to get really good at navigating Minnesota from all of my excursions, Im pretty proud of myself actually. It's not just the driving around that I enjoy, it's being able to spend time ( a lot of time) with really awesome people!


Im scared of water. More specifically not being able to breath. But I love swimming. Lakes, oceans, bathtubs, pools and everything else. It is only the first day of summer and I have already been swimming and tanning like a hundred times. The sunshine ranks in the top 3 things on my "love" list. 

Biking, running, walking, playing at the park, frisbee, football, volleyball, bored games, movies, late nights, tons of ice cream, water fun and quality time with friends and family. 

I have resolved to have the best summer yet! I'm going to get creative, so let the adventures begin!!

( David's Birthday dinner @ Peking Garden )

( Laura and I @ Minnehaha )

( Part of the Minnehaha waterfalls) 

( We are very proud of our legs!)

Monday, June 11, 2012

**Very Important Life Lessons...

These are the top 10 very important lessons that I learned in the past week. Take note of them, they could be vital for you as well:

10) There is a BIG difference between the words "hombre" and "hambre"...make yourself aware of it.

9) Having clean clothes could be the difference between a second date and "Um...I'll call you..." 

8) Never let a 6 year old choose her own lunch, she may end up eating a whole pint of cottage cheese and ranch dressing straight from the bottle. So later when she says "I need to go potty, but I can't" you'll know why.

7) Color coding does not work for the color blind people.

6) When above 6 year old say that she does not want ice cream, and then doesn't get any will be angry. For a punishment you could be stuck watching "Swan Lake" a million times or having to play in a cold sprinkler on a not so hot day.

**WARNING! THIS MAY SEEM LIKE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE...for our purposes lets call it flirting..

5) Most guys don't hit girls.Some prepared to hit back. But watch out because some also prepared to bite back. 

4) To a small child all alcohol may be considered "beer" also if you drink it that makes you a boy. 

3) A plastic baby doll does not count as a garter...even if everyone is intoxicated. 

2) Don't drive your friends Audi when she says not to, upsetting and getting chewed out by a Scottish girl is not worth a dollar...or even 5. 

1) There is a time and place for winking at a friend, or even a stranger for that matter...the showers in a locker room are not it.  

Friday, June 1, 2012

I Eat Ice

I don't make my bed. Ever. Unless I happen to be around people who seem to be the kind of people to make their beds everyday. Then I will try to make it look nice, even then underneath the top blanket the sheets are either not there or crumpled in to the corner. 

I like buying jewelry and wearing it once or maybe two times. Actually it is quite possible that I have some that I have never worn. But I do like how it looks hanging up in my room. Sometimes the only time it leaves the beautifully carved wooden and glass box is when I have nothing to do on any given night of the week and I decide to play dress up.

I love pictures! Taking pictures and looking through them. Why don't I have a camera? Because every time I am about to buy a nice one someone rationalizes with me that I may spend a lot of money on something that I might not ever use. Wrong. I know they are all wrong. So that is what is on the top of my shopping list..for now. The few pictures I have of my past I absolutely adore. I also am entertained for hours by just looking through other peoples pictures. I am POSITIVE  I can learn their entire life story from seeing them on the top of a horse crying...

I don't paint my fingernails. For 12 years during competition season I was't allowed to have anything on them so now it feels funny to have anything on them and no matter how pretty or sparkly they are I chip it off in a matter of days. My toes however are a different story. I think that I have cute feet ( you may think differently ) so I like to put color on them to make them look that much better. Although right now they are unpainted because I got bored with the colors that I have.

I eat ice. I don't suck on it until it melts in my mouth. I chew it. Bite it. Crunch it. It bothers some people, but I love it. I would rather have a glass full of ice to munch on than water to drink.

I am obsessed with gymnastics. Although I have not competed in 2 years it is still a major part of my life and I want it to stay that way. It's hard not to buy really cool leotards, even though I don't practice enough to make it a worth while purchase. I am a coach at the moment but have the desire to become a judge at some point.

When I am nervous I chew on the inside of my mouth. When I am bored I bite my lips, often times making them get dry and cracked. 

At night if I am really tired I can get irritable very quickly

I am very curious. Which would be a very bad quality if I was a cat.