Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Plan...The Goal

Lately I have been catching myself doing something most people find helpful, but that can lead to my destruction. Planning. My brain process goes something like this, *Plan for the day check *Plan for the week check *Plan for the weekend check *Plan for next week *Plan for weekends in advance *Plan for school breaks *Plan for summer vacation *Plan for school next year. This is constantly going on in my head, and it needs to stop. Here is what "the plan" looks like so far. Today- study, work out, work. Weekend- general conference, work, study. Next Week- study more, work more....see a pattern? There is nothing wrong with planning ahead and being prepared, but I think what would work better for me is to set goals. I have SO many. The biggest one is to change the world. Think I should start smaller? Me too. I begin by making two lists, one for things I want to accomplish short term, and the other for long term goals. Here it is!!

Short Term
1. Complete year #2 of college with good grades
2. Sign up for classes to aid in eventual graduation
3. Practice good physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health
4. Attend track meets! ( Abby is preparing for her 2nd trip to the state meet for pole vaulting)

Long Term
1. Graduate college
2. Read the BOM 5 times this year
3. Continue teaching, coaching, and start judging gymnastics
4. Be financially independent 
5- #1!!!!! Change the world!

Each of these goals has about 60 things I need to do to be able to check it off my list, but every baby step I take brings me closer to ultimately becoming what I want to be, which is successful. I want to be able to look back at the choices I make and know that I chose things that were good. Things that would bring good things not only for myself but for everyone affected by my decisions. I use these lists and my "plans" to motivate myself everyday. Every moment spent idle is a moment wasted. That doesn't mean that I can't have fun too! Each thing I do, I go hard at. Work hard, Play hard!I know that it's a little late for New Years resolutions, but I made them and surprise! Im actually sticking to them! I'll share each one, the reason for it and the goal it will help me to accomplish.

1. I resolved to not drink anymore soda pop. I did this because I tend to take in a lot of sugar, bad sugar and I needed to stop. Doing so will help me to become more mentally and physically strong. 

2. Love more. A very wise person knows that every time someone chooses to love, they are taking a risk of being hurt. But that wise person also knows that love is always worth it. I chose this because the more love I can have in my life the happier I become. I know this will help me to change the world!

3. Stand a little taller. I stole this from my best friends resolution. I want to just be better in all that I do. I strive to smile more, encourage more, listen more, and be a better person. I am doing this because it can benefit, and possibly inspire so many people as I do it. This will help me change the world too!

The song "Set the World on Fire" by Britt Nicole embodies my one big goal! I want to set the world on fire, and change it for the best!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Climbing Skyward

It started out as just another workout, jogging down the road, and really it turned out to be a wonderful life experience. I am the type of person that when told I can't accomplish a task I become bound and determined to do it! As I was running down the road I was going past a sky scraper of a hill. It was so steep, beautiful, yet intimidating. Glancing at it a few times I got the impression to climb it. "You cannot do it!" A voice sounded in my head. I stopped. I studied the hill for a few more seconds trying to decide if I had enough time to make it to the top. "Don't even try! You will disappoint yourself." Said the voice again. "Stop!" I silently yelled back. "Yes, I know I can do it!"  "Even if you are able to reach the top, look at all of the branches, you will be hurt." I couldn't tell where this degrading voice was coming from. It couldn't be inside me, I'm much too positive to think like that.  It didn't matter because if I was going to climb I had to start right away. I took one more look around before beginning the steep ascent. The first 30 meters weren't so hard, but then out of no where there were large sharp rocks underneath the leaves that lay at my feet. They made it much more difficult to menuv around. I fought hard to dodge tree branches and slippery rocks all while keeping my body balanced going up hill. I made a habit of stopping to rest at large trees. They helped for a few seconds and then I would continue the journey I was almost regretting by now. After what seemed like a life time I noticed that I only had about 50 meters left, which also came with the realization that this was the steepest, rockiest and most tree-less area I had yet to cover. Using every muscle in my body, climbing with my hands, knees,and feet I made it! I had conquered the massive hill. Almost imidiately the hill seemed smaller, less scary. I walked back and forth at the top seeing the different paths that if I had taken the time to think about, would have made my travel up much easier. Even so I was elated! I had done what someone thought that I could not do. There was true happiness in me! I sat at the top contemplating what I had just accomplished. The voice had to of been someone who is against me. Someone who hates seeing me succeed, and tells me that I am worthless- SATAN. The tree branches I had known of from the start that had hurt me and helped me - SIN. The buried rocks - MISTAKES others make that effect my life negatively. Resting trees - RECOVERY and REPENTANCE. Could I really just have made a hiking story in to a real life lesson for myself? If so, where was God in the mix? He is everything. He is everywhere. My determination- GOD. The dirt I pushed off of - GOD. The air I breathed - GOD. All of it. I was in amazement. This journey had not been about me overcoming an obstacle, it had been about Him. About how He overcame every obstacle for me. He felt the pain and disappointment of those scratching tree branches, and scrapes from the embedded rocks. He clung to the trees pushing me even though I was in pain. He made it to the top.