Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Preschool Plus

Seven four-year olds run at me full speed, each one fighting for a spot at which they can cling around my legs. "Coach Sabrina, I lost a tooth!" "My skin peeled off on the monkey bars today at school!" "I got a new leotard!" Each girl sprints,skips, hops, and chase's around the floor in a wide circle, being very careful to point her toes and make her hands look pretty too. Maria, the smallest and least talkative of the group, outshines everyone when it comes to strength. She cannot weigh more than 30lbs and each one is solid muscle. She doesn't smile often because her tiny face is so concentrated on kicking her legs up high enough or tucking her chin down. I see a blonde curly-haired pony tail bouncing up and down on the floor and hear a small voice muttering " spaghetti, meatballs, spaghetti, meatballs" which is our preschool version of sit ups. Her name is Ella and she is the life of the party. You know the one I mean, all of the kids want to be her friend and even though she doesn't try every comment that comes out of her mouth is just so funny that all the adults look at each other and wonder whose kid she is. Ava and Elle both wear pink leotards and have the brightest natural blonde hair I have ever seen! Although they look similar, their personalities are vastly different. Ava has an attitude but knows exactly where "the line" is and doesn't cross it. Elle only talks if she is made aware that her partner is doing something wrong, she then becomes very vocal until a coach corrects the problem. The sweetheart of my group is Breanne, she never complains or even questions the coaches. She wears the same smile to every event  and everyone can tell she is becoming what I call a "lifer", someone who falls in love with the sport early and sticks with it through out their entire life. The born leader in the group is Mariah. Being one of the more advanced girls she is willing to demonstrate skills and give corrections ( sometimes unwanted) to the rest of the class. Half of the time her long brown hair is whipping her in the face or it is tightly in a bun because it was previously whipping her in the face. Either way she doesn't mind because she is too busy cartwheeling all over the gym. The girl who tells me the most about her day, or her twin brother, or her plans for the weekend is Rylie. It doesn't matter how many times I tell her we have to take quick turns, she will refuse to budge until her story is complete. Last class she finally got the concept of a handstand and her smile would have stopped traffic! Every Tuesday and Thursday night I go home from work utterly grateful for the opportunity I am blessed with to teach these young girls. From where I stand this is how I see it, if children are our future, the future looks pretty darn great from where I sit.  

Monday, May 21, 2012

Go Nowhere Near It!

Things I am good at:    Making Lists
                                   Making Messes
                                   Working Hard
                                   Writing Letters

Things I am working on: Being Patient
                                     Writing in my Journal
                                     Being Healthy
                                     Sharing Joy
                                     Being productive all of the time

The second list could go on forever. But using both of them together I have been able to create a third list.
Summer Goals:  Run
                         Always be in the process of learning new things
                         Write in my journal on a regular basis
                         Send letters weekly
                         Use my organization skills to remain a productive person
                         Teach others how to have joy in life. ( Jesus. Others.Yourself. J.O.Y!)

Yesterday at church the pastor talked about something I have been wanting for a long time. Living for God. It struck me that it is impossible to live for God and Satan. I also know that the closer you draw to one, the further away you will get to the other. I liken it to this story: "A very wealthy man was interviewing potential employees for his limo service. When asked this question all three men gave differing answers, When driving up a mountain how close can you get to the edge without going over? The first man declared with enthusiasm  
that he could get the front tire riding the very peak of the cliffs without taking the car tumbling down hill. The second told the employer that it was his habit to stay in the very middle, not wanting to be too close to the edge, but also not wanting to seem like a scared driver. The last man's answer was simple, if there is an edge in sight, I will go nowhere near it." This should be our approach to sin. The advice that Joseph of Egypt exampled for us is so easily sufficient; flee, run away, get out of any potentially dangerous situation. He knew who he lived for and he was not willing to give that up. Know who you live for, don't give Him up!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Matters the Most

Diligently doing the things that matter most will lead you to the Savior of the world. - Pres. Uchtdorf 

There are 24 hours in a day, what do you spend them doing? Working, eating, cleaning, talking, driving, thinking? About what? Do you ever work hard for someone else? Could you make a special meal for someone that you love? Have you ever helped a sibling clean their room? Is there somebody you see everyday that you could talk to tomorrow? And how about giving a ride to someone who maybe doesn't have a vehicle?

Others. Service. Thats what matters most. 

The way I see it, the more you think about yourself the more lonely and potentially miserable you become.

In times of hardship, or when problems arise try turning your focus toward helping someone else and maybe you will be inclined to find the solution to your circumstance too.  

We get so caught up in everyday life that we begin to forget about the small maybe minuscule things in our lives that bring us joy. When I was a kid I would rather spend every waking minute outdoors than do anything inside. Now I only go outside when there is a planned activity or something to do that is of consequence. Why? Because my attention has been turned else where, and I have not realized that I am missing out on the beautiful sunshine.

Right now what matters most in your life? It's different for each individual. For me it is that I give love and support to my awesome younger sister who has broken her own school record in the pole vault 3 times already this season! It's making sure that I stay grateful for every single thing I have, and not covet others possessions. Getting in shape to run a 5k with my older brother. Writing my experiences in a journal. Never missing out on a opportunity for charity. Sending letters each week to my friends and sister who are serving missions around the world. Ultimately it is gaining a stronger knowledge daily that the only source of true happiness comes from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ


He knew what mattered most. He did not spend His days being idle, instead He sacrificed literally everything He had to serve others.

Nike. Just Do It.