Friday, July 27, 2012

A Happy Celebration

My entire life has been turned upside down and shaken with such force that I am surprised I can stand upright most of the time. But I try to keep in mind that I have a beautiful blessed life and I am so grateful for that. 

Weddings are wonderful events with flowers, music and cake! They are happy occasions to participate in and they show everyone involved that true love really does happen! I was fortunate enough to be able to attend one such wedding with one of my best friends! It was one of the last moments I have had where I have been truly happy. I'll get there again sometime though, because I trust that I am loved and being taken care of.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My David

He is so beautiful. Have you ever met someone who takes your breath away? Someone who every time they look at you, makes you feel so special? Have you ever said to yourself  "I want this person to be with me forever."? I have.

I shook his hand, the hand I would later hold and even later crave, after he had given the Sunday school lesson. He was one of a kind. Excitement crowded his very person. I was drawn to him. I immediately realized that this was the first person I had ever encountered that had a passion for life that could compete with my own. He won that competition, "killed it", as he would have said. That day we ate enough cherry cobbler to last us a life time. I felt strange, I had only known him for 3 hours. Was it 3 hours or was it longer? Was it possible that I had known him before my life had even begun. Yes, I think so. His spirit was familiar to mine.

There was no chase. I did not verbalize it or even recognize it, but I loved him. I was literally his at "Hello." We began to talk. He would say the things in his head that I only wanted to say. Now I say everything I want to say. We laughed all of the time. I can picture so perfectly his eyebrows raising, his mouth opening, his pure eyes lighting up when that laugh came through his throat. I quickly began to understand that he was mine as well.

Jackie Evencho. Her voice held the beauty of life in every note. I think that's why that small girl was his favorite. She, like he, had only experienced a few years of life but already understood it. He knew the secrets. Now I know them as well. 1. God loves and teaches no matter what. 2. Giving love and receiving it is always worth it. 3. Life is short, simple, and beautiful. "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" was the song he chose for us. For me, he chose it for me. He already knew with a perfect, absolute knowledge that our Savior lives. His purpose in selecting that song was for me to know. It was meant to bring solace many weeks later. It was meant to be a powerful, spiritual moment so that it would be turned into a cherished memory.

If I ran, he followed, well not for long because he was faster. We would play games all of the time. Made up games. Real games too. Running, laughing, throwing, splashing, rolling, catching, dancing. Each time I was in his arms dancing I knew we were alive. The few minutes of each song would stretch into hours. He moved with smooth fluidity that had no match. I imagine that he was meant to give me back my dream of dancing that I had put away only months before he entered my life.

David Charles Cancilla shared his love with me. He brought so much joy into my life, so much that the only way I can now live is to spread that joy and service to everyone. He is so like Christ. He lifted up the hands that hung down. He comforted everyone, he served, there was no task too small. He has charity. I know that when he was called home it was because he no longer needed to be tested. He had aced it. He was already ready for Heavenly things. He did not need mortality any longer. He is now safely serving another mission. He is still blessing generations. He still teaches with vibrancy and love for all. I can now say with surety and an absolute knowledge. I know that my Redeemer lives. I know that His Plan is the only plan. The Gospel is true. Service will bring joy. David has joy because he placed Jesus first, others second, and himself last. The last will be first. I will always love that special man. Thank you David for sharing yourself with me.